The Importance of a Good Rug Pad

So you just purchased a new area rug and you keep asking yourself:

“Do I really need an area rug pad under my area rug? If so, why?”

“What are the benefits of using an area rug pad?”

"What happens if I don't?"

Here is some more information on area rug pads why you absolutely need one under your area rug:


Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Right off the bat, the answer to the question of whether or not you need a rug pad, is YES. Below, we will explain why.


What Are The Benefits of Using a Rug Pad?

Rug pads are a great way to keep your rug in place, protect the flooring beneath your rug, and add an extra level of cushion to your rug.

When it comes to keeping your rug in place, the benefits of a rug pad are plenty. If you have hard surface flooring such as hardwood floors, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, etc., and your rug is not held down by a piece of furniture, it is likely that your new area rug will slip and slide all over the place. Whether it’s gradual or immediate--which depends on your rug and flooring--it is highly likely that you will find yourself constantly adjusting your rug, and putting it back in “its place.”

They Keep Your Rug in Place

For homes where hard surface flooring is present, slipping/falling is an issue, an elderly human or animal (such as a dog) is present, or young kids are running around, we absolutely recommend a good rug pad. This will help prevent the likelihood of any injuries occurring due to a sliding area rug.


Protects Hard Surface Flooring

We also recommend a rug pad for spaces with hard surface flooring, because the rug pad will help protect the flooring beneath it. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, without a rug pad, over time your rug could cause dyes or colors to transfer onto your flooring, or could wear down the stain of the floor after constant traffic and sliding. The rug pad will also act as a barrier, protecting your flooring from any spills or stains. Most notably, a rug pad will add extra cushion, making your area rug even more pleasant to walk on.


Protects Wall-To-Wall Carpet From Spill/Stains

If, for example, you have wall-to-wall carpet beneath your rug, and aren’t sure why a rug pad would be necessary since there is no hard surface flooring to protect, it is important to note that in addition to keeping your rug from sliding on the carpet, the right rug pad will protect your carpet from any stains or spills. Should an accident of any sort occur on your rug, it will not seep through your rug into your wall-to-wall carpet.


Carpet/Rug Tape Does Not Protect Flooring or Area Rug

One last very important thing to note, is that carpet or rug tape is not a rug pad. While carpet tape may help tape the corners of your rug down, it does nothing to protect your rug or flooring. When getting an area rug pad, you are not only keeping your rug from sliding, but you are protecting your floors and your rug. Also a rug pad will not lose its stickiness the way carpet tape will. You can pick up your rug pad and move it as often as needed, should you chose to move or reposition your rug. 

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