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Reversible Pet Proof

Reversible Pet Proof

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Extend the life of your rug and protect your flooring beneath it with Mohawk's All Pet Proof Reversible Grey Rug Pad. While this style was designed to help keep your rug in place and offer an extra layer of supportive cushion underfoot, it also promises to stop spills and pet accidents from penetrating through your rug to your floor. With a Pet Proof Rug Pad in place, accidents cannot seep through your rug and become trapped underneath, resulting in potential damage to hardwood and carpet. Not only a must have for households with pets, this rug pad is also a smart solution for families with kids and for use in high-traffic areas. Consciously crafted out of 90% recycled fibers, this sustainable style is available in a variety of sizes and can be cut with scissors for a customized fit.

Rug pads should be spot cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and water or cleaned professionally. Do not machine wash.

  • Reversible
  • 100% post-industrial recycled synthetic fibers
  • 0.25 inch thickness
  • Instructions for use on hard surface: moisture barrier should rest against your flooring, felt side against the back of the rug
  • Instructions for use on carpet: felt side down against carpet, moisture barrier facing up against the back of the rug
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