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Supreme Dual Surface 1/2"

Supreme Dual Surface 1/2"

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The Supreme Dual Surface rug pad is great for all surfaces, adds cushion, prevents slippage, bunching and wrinkles, and will not stain nor discolor your floors. A rug pad is essential to keeping your rug attractive and to extend the life of your rug. Mohawk always recommends the use of a slip resistant rug pad under your rug. These rug pads are essential for all floor types. They protect floors from scratches, punctures, and furniture indentations. Due to the recycled fibers, colors may vary

Rug pads should be spot cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and water or cleaned professionally. Do not machine wash.

  • 1/2" inch thickness
  • Slip resistant with a rubber side for gripping hard surfaces
  • Two Sided: Fiber side is designed for gripping rug backing, and rubber side sticks to hard surfaces, leaving no marks
  • Made in the USA
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